Saturday, 12 April 2014

Palindromic Pineda Parallel

Michael Pineda had a great time in Seattle until he was traded for Jesus Montero,
Starting his time with the Yankee's.

However a shoulder injury set him back, but he got the last spot of the rotation to start for the Yankees, and despite the pine tar, looked good.

Pineda didn't pitch at all in the majors in 2012 or 2013.
This Black is numbered 26/62 from 2013 Topps Update.

Onto the pine tar,
It is illegal for batters, and pitchers have a resin bag on the mound to use for grip, so why should they allow it? I'm not a bitter red sox fan, but it just seems there's no real justice in the MLB.

Of course he was going against Clay Buchholz who always has wet hair, but we see lots of sportsmen cool off with water over the hair, and he isn't actively obtaining a banned substance.

The MLB needs to look hard and have every rule detailed, otherwise it's just moving the goal posts whilst a shot is taken.

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