Monday, 4 February 2013

Box Break Loot #1 Mojo Style

I received a package recently from Doug over at
It contained cards from 2 box breaks,
1 Philles spot of 3 anthology boxes of Bowman Draft, & the Patriots spot of a 5 box value NFL break.

New England Patriots
I happen to receive 1 card per box.

2012 Panini Momentum

#8 Wes Welker

I have a few of the Patriots Momentum cards now, nice cards simple design.

 2012 Panini Gold Standard

 Gold Leaf Stars #1 Tom Brady 130/299

One of the nicest cards I've ever held, It looks more gold in person, excellent card stock.

2012 Panini Crown Royale

 NFL Regime #7 Tom Brady

This looks better in person as the foil at the bottom does not scan well.

2012 Panini Limited

#56 Tom Brady 366/399

This card reminds me of Brady's Topps Finest cards, however it's a smoother, cleaner card.

2012 Topps Bowman Sterling

Autograph Rookie Relic #BSAR-DH Dont'a Hightower Redemption

Oh how I laughed when I saw this, 4 Panini boxes, 1 Topps box, and the redemption is Topps.
I should explain Topps wont send redemption's to the UK, but Panini does.

Not sure what to do I can get it redeemed, however I'm not that bothered about having a Hightower Auto.

Onto the Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies
2010, 2011 & 2012 Bowman Draft,

Steven Golden 2012 Chrome & Dominic Brown RC from 2010

2011 Draft : Asche, Martinez, Greene & Moore
I like these cards, they stand out. 

Among the 9 are:
Vance Worley RC from 2010
Michael Stutes RC from 2011


I received two random USA cards,
Austin Meadows has shown he can be a slugging machine 

Overall, I got a hit two numbered Brady cards containing that Gold Standard beauty.



  1. If that Redemption is for trade I would be interested

    1. I think I'll trade it, Have a look at the trade bait, see if theres anything else you like!

  2. Or I could redeem it for you and mail it with our next deal