Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Real McCoy #1

So far I have 23 Colt McCoy cards.

2011 Sticker


Panini Certified Certified Potential #10 Prime Relic 27/50

I believe I picked this up from ebay very cheap, 2 color, /50  my 1st McCoy card.

Panini Certified National Baltimore #CM

I believe this was circulated during the industry convention 2010 Baltimore

Donruss Elite RC 939/999

Elite lives up to it's name, a beautiful card.

Panini Prestige Xtra Points Orange #223

Orange but without serial number

Topps Rookie Redemptions #GR9 RC

McCoy with the RC logo, a nice border.

Limited Initial Steps Jerseys #7

Nice Design


2010 Rookies & Stars Crosstraining Gold #24

A nice card /500

2010 Rookies & Stars Longevity Crosstraining Materials #24

It does look nicer in hand than scan, /249

2010 Score #323

Another RC, I flipped a number of these on comc back in 2011

2010 Topps Platinum Rookie Platinum Refractors #133

An none numbered refractor but a nice card nonetheless.

2010 Rookies 7 Stars Studio Rookies Combo #4

Featured with fellow Brown Montario Hardesty

2010 Sage Squared #3

With fellow QB Clausen

2010 Playoff Contenders Draft Class Gold #21

Again with Clausen /100


Topps Game Day Autographs #GDACM


My 1st McCoy Auto

Absolute Memorabilia Red Spectrum


The foil doesn't show up as well as in hand

Certified #35

A nice coating on this card

Certified #35
Platinum Red & Mirror Red

Mirror Red 244/250

Grid Iron Gear #29

Would lend itself to an on card Auto

Playoff Contenders #22

Nice Idea, good design

Playoff Contenders Playoff Ticket #22 91/99

This is well thought out, the seat number changes here, 91/99

Prestige #47

Gotta love Prestige, and the photo

Prestige Rookie Review Relic #7 (Prime)

It say's Prime?

Threads 2010 All Rookie Team #1

Nice design, hopefully 2013 will be McCoy's year

Totally Certified #24


Nice looking Panini card

Totally Certified Gold #24 /25

Low numbered gold card!

Topps Series 1 #16

Standard Topps flagship, could easily end up in a baseball collection

Topps Rising Rookies #6

A nice depth of field in the image

Donruss Elite Aspirations #23 /88

My 1st Die Cut McCoy


Momentum #89

Clean, sharp & Mine

Prestige #43

I preferred 2011 design

Rookies & Stars #33

Missing on card Auto?

Score #283

You can tell the difference in hand

Score #283 (Glossy)

Let's hope McCoy's Starts go up!

Topps Series 1 #4

By the time this comes out we are bored with the design!

That's my McCoy collection so far.


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