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Yankee Youk!

Something is Wrong,
This image doesn't look right? I know it's photo shopped but still.

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Starting the 2012 season Youkilis was on pace to make his 1,000 appearance for the Bean Town ball club,
Some of Sox nation even hated it when he went to the Pale Hose.

I can't wait for the 1st game which is 1st April in the Bronx.

Here's what the Greek God of Walks did before he turned to the "Evil Empire"

Red Sox Totals

Games played: 953
Hits: 961
Runs: 594
Walks: 494
Homers: 133
RBI's: 564
Total Bases: 1633
Average: .287

White Sox Totals

Games played: 80
Hits: 69
Runs: 47
Walks: 37
Homers: 15
RBI's: 46
Total Bases: 124
Average: .236

Career Totals

Games Played: 1033
Hits: 1030
Runs: 641
Walks: 531
Homers: 148
RBI's: 610
Total Bases: 1757
Average: .283
Slugging: .482
OBP: .384

These High lights we while with Boston:

3 X All Star (2008, 2009, 2011)
2 X World Series Champion (2004 & 2007)
Gold Glove Award 2007
Hank Aaron Award 2008

I don't think Youkilis will celebrate a Home Run at Fenway whilst in pinstripes here's a quote from a few years ago.

"Sometimes this is more than a game, It's life, here in Boston"


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