Saturday, 8 February 2014

Base, Base Inserts & Base Rookies! Worth The Price Of Purchase?

Getting back into it?
Listening to Colin on SportsCardRadio podcast!

If you pull a regular Rookie Card from 2014,
Even if that guy turns out to become bigger than Jesus, Puig and Michael Jordan put together!

Is it worth anything?

With so many produced, so few purchasers who are not collectors having them, with improved protection.

There'll always be too many.

Do people want them, If you have every base card from Topps Series' 1, 2 & Update for the past 20 years that's 20,000 in your house!

If you bought them by the pack you're looking at 40,000 cards. The market it saturated.
And as an international collector base adds weight & reduces space in my mailers.

Why pre 80's cards are holding price? Because it was all base & people bought the cards for gum & tobacco, threw the cards away, Used them as a roach or gave them to kids who lost them, or tore them

If you don't buy a case load and have team lots in base listed on ebay the first weekend, you missed the boat!

Does base have a place in the hobby? Yes
Does Topps & Panini have to look at base? Yes (Wholesale prices will suffer)

And just how short printed are SP's.


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