Saturday, 1 February 2014

I'm Returning I Promise

How y'all been.

I notice:
Fuji likes and finally got BUSH.
Chris Getz has a base card in Series 1.
The Seahawks play the Bronco's
The £/$ is good
You're all still here helping each other pass a boring 5 minutes.

Sadly due to life,
I've not been focused, able or healthy enough to post.

But I've had the odd splurge on EBAY.
And a friend in Maine has been ripping the odd retail pack for me :)

I'm getting back and figuring out what I want to focus on, my budget & other shit.
I've been scanning like mad as My last two computers had to be wiped clean.

My 1st pack of 2014 Topps was retail & here's highlights.

1st Card

#119 - B. Crawford - SF Giants

1st RC

#27 - M. Choice - Oakland A's

1st Red Sox

#166 - D. Pedroia - Boston Red Sox

1st Landscape

#259 - D. Ortiz - Boston Red Sox

Not too bed,
Also got J. Ellsbury Insert,
Both a Green & Gold Parallel

C U Soon


  1. Glad to see a fresh post and of course love that you saw my latest post. Can't we all enjoy a little Bush every now and then? Hope all is well and that you're feeling better buddy.

  2. Welcome back. Onward and upward!