Saturday, 22 February 2014

It Should Be Banned #1 Multi Team Relic's

Here's a card I won from a box break held by Sam over at the now semi retired "Daily Dimwit"
Doe's that make him a weekly Dimwit?

I remember saying give it to the SD spot, but I guess he missed my comment at the time.
It's from 2006 UD Artifacts and It's a Boston Red Sox hit?

Mike Loretta 

Hi guys, I'm not photo-shopped,
I'm wearing my Padres Uni, Here's a piece of my Padres Uni but I'm going to Boston, so I'm a Boston Hit.

I'm not saying this for group break reasons but.

Why does this card exist as it does?

Loretta played for

And the Dodgers

He had a good .295 career Average.

Should Single Relic Multi Team Cards be Banned?


  1. I agree with you! I'm not a fan of these types of relics. I actually keep them in a separate spot in my collection.

  2. I am completely aligned with you, these annoy the heck out of me.

  3. I'm with you. Can't stand it when companies do this. It's even more annoying when the swatch of fabric doesn't match the team that's depicted on the card.

  4. This is a weird situation. Loretta actually had some potential and this was about the time his small injury led to a down slide. This is a 2006 card, the year he was traded from the Padres to the Red Sox. I have a feeling that during the original release collectors might have complained about the card not being up to date had UD left his team as the Padres. And since there was no chance of them having GU material from the Red Sox, they had to go with the Padres (or they were clearing out inventory) There are a few things I actually appreciate about what UD did here. 1 - They IDed the material used. No "this relic is not from any specific game, event, season or planet." 2 - The picture on the card matches the material used. That's a huge pet peeve for me. Look at 2011 Topps Marquee Reggie Jackson swatches. On a quad patch he's pictured as an Oriole with A's and Yankees swatches. On another he's pictured as an A's with a Jumbo swatch with a pinstripe that is clearly Yankees. And his base card pictures him in his Yankees uniform. So they had all the pictures, why not match them with the correct swatches? So for me, I actually prefer that Loretta is pictured in his Padres uniform and would probably have found more fault if the card had him pictured as a Red Sox. But no doubt the best scenario would be to have the swatch, picture and team name match.

  5. Upper Deck was the worst at this, but Topps has done it too. It's ridiculous.