Monday, 3 February 2014

I Forgot I Had It #1 Jacoby Jones Ebay 1/1

Remember last super bowl, The one in New Orleans, Harbaughl? Harbowl?
Wilth the half time, Kick off TD Return & the power outage?

Well I hit COMC & bought Jacoby Jones cards, speculating he would be Superbowl 47 MVP! I was wrong it was Flacco but I sold a few within 24 hours.

I was left this,

2010 Score Goldzone #115 001/299 Jacoby Jones showing him in his Texans uniform. It is up for trade as I don't want, need or care for it, It is a reminder of my night watching American Football with pepsi, chips, ham sandwiches & insomnia.

It's a true Ebay 1/1 if you like that sort of thing?
I'm gonna update trade list, And if I was working on a trade with you, before 2013 hit me hard let me know. I hate thinking I owe anybody anything.

Well that's enough from me.
Enjoy your Tuesday.


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