Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Damn Yankee's #1 NY Yankees

Sports is a funny thing,
Our rivals team emblems look like the Nazi's version of a Swastika.
We love to damn their cheating players & how much money they spend.
We love it when our rivals fail. And when it's at the hands of our team we achieve orgasmic elation.

The first in this series is...

The New York Yankees

Of course doing research you'd find that "Yankees" is not a real word, It goes to the days in New York / New Amsterdam.

The Dutch would call the English heritage'd a name which meant John Cheese.
As the most common English male name was John and apparently we consumed all the dairy.

The logo above wasn't made for the team, it pre-dates the team, and was designed by Tiffany for the NYC police. 

Anyway why does such a nice looking logo attract so much hate?


Until 1921 the Yankees won nothing, Then they had a team everybody envied.
George Herman Ruth, Henry Louis Gehrig, Lefty Gomez, Bill Dickey, Tony Lazzeri & Joe DiMaggio.

From 1921 -1939 The Yankee's won,

8 World Series' & 11 League Pennants

The Yankee's Then entered the 1960 World Series against the Pirates,

Their total stood at 18 World Series Championships, And had just captured their 21st pennant.

The Film "A Bronx Tale" follows a young Mickey Mantle card collecting boy from the Bronx, who is damning Bill Mazeroski for his World Series ending long fly ball.

Of course not thinking half a mile from Forbes field a boy the same age would be looking at his Mazeroski & Clemente RC's.

Fast forward from this moment to 1995 and the Yankee's have won 4 more World Series', The totals now at

League Pennants - 33
World Series Champions - 22

Did the Yankee's become an exhibition team for tourists.

Paying for Pitchers after their prime & Hitters who gave better sound bytes than swings.

The Yankees had won all 26 of their World Series Titles after Babe Ruth had signed, the BoSox total was 0.

And why we hate the Yankee's now is that they've had enough success, they over price tickets & the fans rejoice at the great moments they've seen. Don't blame the fans.

The reason we hate the Yankee's is #1 The Logo

And don't blame the Yankee's PR department why not cash in on your brand built upon Ruth, Gehrig, Joe D, Yogi, Whitey & co.
Blame the people who wear the Yankee's logo who don't know what shagging a fly ball is,
Who call Baseball rounders, who don't know it's 3 strikes your out.
Who just want the cap Jay Z & flavor of the month acts who are created to take the pocket money and more of teen girls.

And why shouldn't the Yankee's spend so much money, they have a great location to attract fans and spectators.

Morrissey wrote "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful"



  1. But there is a positive. I am always willing to take those unwanted Yankees cards off your hands and exchange them for whatever Red Sox cards I've got laying around. ;) Cheers!

  2. In terms of sports franchises I dislike the most... the New York Yankees rank right up there with the San Francisco 49ers.