Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Mojobreak Mail Day 2014 #1

I took the Phillies in a 2 box break.

2013 Elite Extra Edition & 2013 America's Pastime

I was warmly received, after a while out, and enjoyed listening to Nirvana as the boxes were bust.

I payed $15 and whilst I didn't get a hit, it was fun and entertained me for 20 minutes.
I think I'll budget $40 a month on Mojobreak.

 Elite Extra Edition

#23 Jake Sweaney
Won't be relevant for 2 years.

#63 Cameron Perkins
23 Years Old

#77 Yoel Mecias
20 year old left hander.

America's Pastime

John Kruk Characters of the Game #CG5 - 056/125

If any Phillies fan, likes them let me know!

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