Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Golden 2013

If I had to rank the years i've lived in,
2013 would be second worst. Beaten by the hell of 2010.
Even though In 2013 I the following happened.

Red Sox won the World Series
I attended my 1st ever NFL game
I passed my level 3 in Photography

But here's a lil celebration

18 2013 Topps Gold cards,
7 of which in bold will be finding their way to Robert Here

AL 9

LL AL RBI 1395/2013
Russell Martin 493/2013
Brett Gardner 1088/2013
Mariano Rivera 633/2013
Fernando Rodney 1708/2013
RA Dickey 1488/2013
Anthony Swarzak 1503/2013
Marwin Gonzalez 791/2013
Grant Green RC 703/2013

NL 9

Michael Young 1708/2013
Carlos Ruiz 1302/2013
John Mayberry 2002/2013
Derek Dietrich RC 275/2013
Matt Garza 1214/2013
Yovani Gallardo 764/2013
Cliff Pennington 1836/2013
Tom Lavine RC 1655/2013
Kyle Blanks 1602/2013

A silly little purchase :)


  1. I feel so old. I was already in middle school when you were born ;-)

    1. I remember working in a bar and people were old enough to drink (18) born in 1990's!